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What are the welding methods of the Stainless Steel Elbows

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  The Stainless Steel Elbows with welding seam includes two cases, one is the butt elbow made with welded pipe. For the butt elbow manufacturing plant, the forming process of the welded pipe is basically the same as that of the seamless tube. The forming process of Stainless Steel Elbows does not include the welding procedure; the other is completed by Stainless Steel Elbows manufacturing plant.

  The welding procedure needed for the forming of Stainless Steel Elbows, such as the bending head assembled and welded after the single piece pressing, and the three pass for repressing the tube after the steel plate reel is welded into the tube blank.

  During the heating and cooling process of the SS304 SW Stainless Steel Elbow, the temperature difference is formed due to the difference between the cooling speed and the time of the surface and the heart, which will lead to the stress of the volume expansion and the uneven shrinkage, that is, the thermal stress. Under the effect of thermal stress, because the surface temperature is lower than the heart and the contraction is greater than the heart, the heart is pulled. When the cooling end, the final cooling volume of the heart can not be carried out freely. That is to say, under the action of thermal stress, the surface of the workpiece is compressed and the heart is pulled.

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