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Extrusion forming method for stainless steel tee

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  The extrusion forming method of stainless steel tee originally uses emulsion as liquid filling medium to meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. The SS304 BW Seamless Equal Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Tee formed by extrusion is easy to clean, and the emulsion filled with liquid medium in the pipe can be reused without polluting the stainless steel tee and the environment. In addition, the invention originally wraps a layer of plastic film on the stainless steel tee blank in advance, effectively prevents defects on the surface of the formed stainless steel tee, and remarkably improves the processing quality of the stainless steel tee.

  Extrusion forming method for stainless steel tee

  1) prepare stainless steel tee with a plastic film on the surface.

  2) The stainless steel tee blank of the product is extruded to obtain the semi-finished product of the tee joint, in which the filling medium in the tube filling system is the emulsion made of emulsified oil and water.

  3) solid solution treatment, surface grinding and groove machining for semi-finished products of stainless steel tee.

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