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Characteristics of loose stainless steel flange

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  Loose stainless steel flange are commonly flat welded flange and butt welded flange, of which the rigidity of flat welded flange is poor, suitable for pressure P < 4 MPa occasions; loose stainless steel flange is also known as high neck flange, rigid, suitable for high pressure and temperature occasions. And there are three types of flange sealing surface: flat sealing surface, suitable for low pressure, non-toxic media occasions; concave-convex sealing surface, suitable for higher pressure occasions; mortise groove sealing surface, suitable for inflammable, explosive, toxic media and high pressure occasions. Loose stainless steel flange with different properties have good product performance in different fields, and the effect will be different when they adapt to different occasions and spaces.

  The loose stainless steel flange connection method is also the simplest connection method between the cast iron pipe and the steel pipe. The loose stainless steel flange can be used to check the opening of the mouth. In addition, flange connection is suitable for connecting pipe fittings with diameters from 50-315mm.

  Its performance characteristics are non rigid connection, dismantling and pulling resistance. The loose stainless steel flange connection method is usually used as a detachable connector on low pressure transmission pipeline. loose stainless steel flange connections may need to withstand high tensile, compressive, torsional, shear strength, ASTM A403 304 Loose Lap Joint Stainless Steel Flange is a better choice. Usually used in pipes, in that case, loose bolts can rotate both sides of the pipe, and then tighten can be more convenient to dismantle and assemble the pipe material is carbon steel flange called carbon steel.

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