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Technological analysis of pipe fitting cross

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  The technological analysis of pipe fitting cross and the determination of technological scheme are based on the geometric shape and technological characteristics of the socket. Die structure design, especially the design of die parts, depends on the shape of pipe fitting cross.

  2 Inch Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Cross inner wall often produces certain decay, so it must be well tested and treated to ensure that pipe fitting cross good application characteristics and value, in accordance with accurate methods and methods of application and promotion. After being corrupted, the wall of pipe fitting cross usually becomes thinner, showing partial pipe fitting. pipe fitting cross decay in accordance with certain methods and methods of disposal and maintenance, to ensure that the principle of application in accordance with certain, so the application of pipe fitting cross to have a good corruption mode. The working part of pipe fitting cross mold, for example, the mold cavity is designed according to the shape of the product parts. The first step of mold CAD / CAM is to input the shape information of the product parts and establish the geometric model of the product parts in the computer. Mold CAD/CAM involves determining process plan, designing mold structure and compiling NC program.

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