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Reasonable use of large stainless steel flanges

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  Because of the large stainless steel flanges, the liquid metal fills the mold and solidified under the condition of rotation. The liquid metal can form a hollow cylindrical free surface in the mold, so that the hollow castings can be cast without the core, which greatly simplifies the production process of the sleeve and pipe castings and makes the casting process greatly simplified. With high productivity and low cost, the casting of ASTM A182 316L Casting Stainless Steel Flange is easy to produce segregation. It is not suitable for casting alloy with large density segregation tendency, and the size of the inner hole is inaccurate, the inner surface is rough and the processing allowance is large; it is not suitable for single piece and small batch production. At present, the large stainless steel flanges have been widely used in the manufacture of cast iron pipe and cylinder sleeve copper. Sleeve, bimetal bearing, special seamless billet, paper-making machine roller and so on.

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