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The function of the reducer

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  The function of the reducer

  Reducing  is a kind of tube, reducer If the diameter of the selected diameter and process pipe diameter does not match, should be the corresponding reduction or diameter treatment, if the pipe shrinkage, should be considered so caused The pressure loss will affect the process flow.In order to prevent the installation of 6 inch welded stainless steel pipe reducer after the impact of the flow field distribution, resulting in pressure loss, thereby reducing the accuracy of electromagnetic flow measurement, the required center cone angle α is not greater than 15 °, the smaller the more There are two kinds of concentric and eccentric, concentric reducer is generally used in the vertical tube; eccentric reducer for the horizontal tube, and should pay attention to marked the top or bottom level. Mainly in the following places: 1, when the flow of fluid in the pipeline changes, such as increase or decrease, flow rate changes are not large, are required to use reducer. 2, the pump imports, in order to prevent cavitation. 3, with the instrument, such as flowmeter, control valve joints, in order to meet with the instrument, but also need to use reducer

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