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Stainless steel elbow can be changed by two ways

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  Road buried underground can occupy less land, which is conducive to combat readiness. It is basically not affected by external factors such as climate and season. More importantly, it can reduce heat loss in hot oil transportation and prevent thermal deformation of Butt Welded 90 Degree Pipe Fitting 316 Stainless Steel Elbow in pipelines and pipelines.

  In order to reduce heat loss and prevent hot deformation of stainless steel elbow, the buried depth of pipe should be more than 1.2 meters.The depth of burial depth in the alpine region should be further deepened. At the same time, the pipeline should be avoided as far as possible below the water table. For areas with high groundwater level or difficult to dig deeply for other reasons, waterproof and heat insulation measures should be taken before burying pipes. If conditions are not available, shallow digging and deep burying can also be adopted, i.e. piping ditches are digged up to 20 cm above the groundwater level, and then covered with soil to form embankments.

  However, it will be difficult to maintain the pipeline and stainless steel elbow after commissioning. In order to prevent the deformation of pipeline and stainless steel elbow, and to ensure the weight of overlying soil, the thickness of overlying soil in shallow and deep buried areas should not be less than 1.5 meters.

  Drawing and analyzing the hydraulic gradient line is helpful to study the working process and characteristics of the oil pipeline and stainless steel pipe fittings elbow under various working conditions in the future.

  We use the steady-state pressure distribution chart to study the working condition of the pumping station in detail. When the pumping station works according to the "through tank" process, the pressure diagram of each section has nothing to do with the working condition of the adjacent stainless steel pipe fittings elbow. The pressure of the initial section is determined by the work of the pump station, and the pressure of the end point is only determined by the liquid level in the tank.

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