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What is the damage resistance of stainless steel flange?

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  Strength of stainless steel flange is the ability of stainless steel flange to resist damage. If the machine tool spindle is broken due to excessive load, the whole machine tool can not be used. Therefore, strength calculation is an indispensable part of precision mechanical parts design.

  Stiffness is the ability of members to resist deformation. The bowing deformation of ANSI B16.5 Slip-on Stainless Steel Flange under external force should not exceed the allowable scope of engineering. For example, inadequate stiffness of the spindle and body of machine tools will affect the processing Stainless Steel Flange accuracy and produce excessive noise; inadequate stiffness of housing components will make residents lose their sense of security.

  When the young and deformed mechanism or precise mechanical parts work,Stainless Steel Flange all parts of them are affected by force, and they are transferred to each other. These forces acting on stainless steel flange components are called loads. For the classification of force, there are the following points: according to the source of force, it can be divided into active force and binding force. Generally speaking, the active force is the load, and the restraint reaction is the passive force, which is to prevent the reaction of the movement trend of the object caused by the load.

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