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Basic Structural Form of Stainless Steel Flanges

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  The present stainless steel flange type is many, but the basic type can be divided into the following three kinds of stainless steel flanges, such as stainless steel flange is usually tapered, so also known as the long neck stainless steel flange or with pre-stainless steel flange. Integral stainless steel flange it is often a whole with a container or pipe. Stainless steel flange is only loose set in the flange or flanging soil, it is also known as free stainless steel flange.This connection method does not achieve the same strength of the integral connection. The movable set of ASME B16.5 A182 F304 Stainless Steel Blind Flange is used for small size occasions. In order to save stainless steel into an improper use of the overall stainless steel flange of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, stuffy, etc. Any form of stainless steel flange also known as a love form stainless steel flange. The stainless steel blind flange is machined with a groove and is sheathed on a simplified or other component. And then weld the two together. The force is between the overall stainless steel flange and the looper stainless steel flange Generally, the sex is more than the overall stainless steel flange, but more than the words set stainless steel flange strong.

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