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Technical analysis of different diameter pipe fittings reducer

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  The bending moment caused by the area pressure difference between the large and small ends of the concentric pipe fitting reducer under internal pressure causes the relative opening of the large end and the relative contraction of the small end.

  Under the action of internal pressure, the maximum circumferential stress of reducer is found on the inner surface of the large end of the eccentric side and the middle and outer surface of the eccentric side.

  The connection modes of different diameter pipe fittings reducer are various. The common types of pipe fittings reducer are compression type, compression type, flexible connection type, propulsion type, threaded type, socket welding type, JIS B2311 Seamless Eccentric Stainless Steel Reducer welding type and derivative series connection mode combining welding with traditional connection. These connection modes, according to their different principles, their scope of application is also different, but most of them are easy to install, solid and reliable. Hebei Sheng Tian pipe fittings Group Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the idea of "quality first" to serve every customer of our company.

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