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Common Problems of Stainless Steel Flanges

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  In some mechanical equipment, stainless steel flange is a very important part, because the stainless steel flange in this equipment is to fix some mechanical parts, but in continuous use, there will inevitably be a series of problems, so during  thestainless steel flange operation of the equipment, regular maintenance of the equipment's operating parts, in order to achieve good and stable performance.

  In the process of using ANSI SS304 SS316L Stainless Steel Flange, the most common problem is the deviation of dimension when welding. Because during welding, the high temperature will change the metallographic structure of the stainless steel flange itself, and the thermal stress will also cause the local deformation of the flange, which will have a great impact on the use of the flange. If the stress and metallographic structure of the heat-affected zone of the welding site are not restored properly, brittle cracking or corrosion will easily occur in the zone during long-term operation of the equipment. If the discharge is not found in time, the hidden safety hazards will be very serious in the operation process.

  In the process of installation and use of stainless steel flange, always pay attention to check whether there is leakage at the stainless steel flange connection. If drip is found, pay attention to check whether the connection bolt is loose. If leakage still exists after eliminating this factor, the stainless steel flange gasket should be filtered and replaced or the part should be sealed with sealant.

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