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Surface Treatment and Packaging of Stainless Steel Elbows

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  1. The surface of stainless steel elbow should be treated. We use shot peening to treat iron oxide on the inside and outside surfaces of stainless steel elbows, and then spray a layer of anticorrosive paint. This is to avoid oxidation corrosion of stainless steel elbows. In addition, this is also the need for export. Foreign customers usually require stainless steel elbows to pass through this process.

  2. Improve the welding quality of ANSI B16.9 SS321 Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Elbow. We can make the end of the stainless steel elbow into a groove, and then leave a certain angle, but also with a certain side. It is worth mentioning that the practical requirements of this seemingly simple process are very strict, and the thickness of the edge and the size of the angle are strictly regulated. We need to ensure that the surface quality and mechanical properties of stainless steel elbows are the same as those of the pipe fittings to be used, and that the material is the same, so that the welding quality can be improved.

  3. Packaging of stainless steel elbows. Small stainless steel elbows should be placed in wooden boxes, and the quality of stainless steel elbows in a wooden box 1 cubic metre in size should not exceed one ton. As for large stainless steel elbows, they need to be packaged individually, and the dimensions, steel numbers, batch numbers, manufacturers'trademarks and other parameters should be indicated on the packaging shell. In this way, users can understand the properties of stainless steel elbows more intuitively.

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