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Production process and standard of tee

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  The common manufacturing processes for making T-shirts are cold extrusion and hot push. Cold extrusion is usually used for tees with smaller thickness, while hot extrusion is used for tees with larger thickness. If you need a large diameter tee larger than 24 inches, use welding instead of extrusion.

  The key process of manufacturing steel tee is to use hydraulic press to extrude the main pipe in the tee die (or reducing tee die). Under the large pressure of two pipe ends, the third branch of tee will be extruded. The main pipe can be seamless or welded. The same pipe diameter will produce the same stainless steel pipe tee. To make 8-inch steel tee, 8-inch pipe will be required. However, after extrusion, the thickness of the pipe will increase, so the thickness of the tee is greater than that of the parent pipe.

  Size range of equal tee and reducing tee

  For butt weld tees, sizes range from 1 / 2 ", 1", 1 1 / 2 ", 2", 3 ", 4", 6 ", 8", 10 ", 12", 14 ", 16", 24 "and up to 48" (from DN 15 to dn 1200). Thickness classes range from Sch 10, sch 20, sch 40, sch STD, sch 80, sch XS to sch160.

  For socket and threaded tees, the size range is 3 / 8 inch, 1 / 2 inch. 3 / 4 ", 1" and maximum 4 "(from DN 10 to DN 100). The pressure rating is 2000, 3000, 6000 and 9000.

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