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How to make steel pipe elbow - manufacturing process

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  The formation of Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Elbow includes many steps.

  First of all, we can weld a polygon circular shell or a polygon sector shell with a closed end. When the pipe body is filled with pressure medium, the cross section will change from polygon to circle similar to the pipe. Finally, under internal pressure, the cross-section will be a circular shell. The ring can be cut into four 90 ° elbows or six 60 ° elbows, or any other size as required. Due to the progress of technology, the welding process has been applied in different ways. For example, it is now possible to weld and fabricate larger size steel pipe elbows, especially large-diameter elbows with long radius.

  Generally, carbon steel with high carbon content can definitely provide you with higher strength and hardness, but its plasticity is low. Therefore, those alloys that do not contain a large amount of alloying elements are usually called carbon steel or straight carbon steel.

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