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The deformation characteristics of the hot stainless steel elbow

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  The deformation characteristics of the hot seamless stainless steel elbow is based on the metal plastic deformation before and after constant volume law to determine the tube diameter, the tube diameter less than the diameter of the elbow, the through mandrel control the blank deformation process, the arc by the compression of the metal flow, compensation for expanding and other parts of the thin, in order to get uniform wall thickness of seamless stainless steel elbow.

  The hot pushing elbow forming process has the advantages of beautiful appearance, uniform thickness and continuous operation, suitable for mass production. Therefore, it becomes the main processing method of alloy steel, carbon steel elbow, and is also used in some specifications of stainless steel elbow forming.

  In addition to outside the common forming process, stainless steel seamless elbow forming as well as the use of tube billet is extruded to the outside of the die, again through the tube blank pigging plastic forming process. But this process is relatively complicated, and the operation is troublesome, and the forming quality is inferior to that of the preceding process, so it is less used.

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