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Seamless stainless steel elbow is a kind of pipe fitting

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  Stainless steel elbow is a kind of pipe fitting used in the turning of the pipe. In the pipeline system used in all the pipe fittings, the largest proportion, about 80%. In general, different materials or wall thickness of the elbow will choose different forming processes.

  At present, the stainless steel seamless elbow manufacturing plant commonly used stainless steel seamless elbow forming process is hot, stamping, extrusion and the like.

  Hot bend forming process is the special Elbow push processing machine, a core mold and a heating device, which makes in the mold blank in pushing mechanism driven by forward motion and in the movement is heating, expanding diameter and bending forming process.

  Hebei Shengtian Pipefitting Group Co.,Ltd is specialized in producing stainless steel pipe fittings,stainless steel flanges,stainless steel elbows,stainless steel tees,cross, reducer (concentric and eccentric reducers),stub ends and caps. Products variety,sizes diverse,beautiful appearance,stable performance,not only have variety materials (201,301,304,304L,316,316L,321,310S)welding and seamless elbows,also can produce according to the standard of GB12459,ASTM 403,DIN 2605(elbow),DIN 2609(Stub End),DIN 2615 (TEE),DIN2616 (Reducers) standard pipe fittings,stainless steel pipe fittings include A & B series,long radius and short radius,and we can produce the special products according to clients request.

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