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Forging cross heat treatment process

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  The pipe fitting cross can be divided into equal diameter and reducing diameter, and the nozzle ends of the equal diameter pipe fitting crosss are of the same size; The main pipe connecting pipe size of reducing cross is the same, while the connecting pipe size of branch pipe is smaller than that of main pipe.

  Welded pipe fitting cross is a kind of pipe fitting used at the branch of pipeline. For the manufacture of cross with seamless pipe, there are two commonly used processes: hydraulic bulging and hot pressing.

  1. Data collection, investigation and analysis

  2. Determine the heat treatment process scheme

  3. Formulate heat treatment process specification

  When formulating heat treatment process procedures by referring to relevant heat treatment manuals, relevant material standards or after process test and demonstration, corresponding process cards shall be filled in according to different process methods (quenching, carburizing or carbon ampoule co carburizing, induction quenching, etc.).

  4. Countersignature and approval of heat treatment process

  After necessary review, the prepared heat treatment process shall be approved by the superior technical competent department, take effect and put into practice after being approved by the quality assurance department and countersigned by other relevant departments.

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