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Corrosion resistance of elbows

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  Elbow resistant to air, steam, water and other weak corrosive media and acid, alkali, salt and other chemical erosion medium corrosion of steel.Ss 304 Sch 80 Stainless Steel Butt Welded Elbow Practical applications, often weak corrosive medium corrosion of steel known as stainless steel stamping elbow, and chemical resistance to corrosion of steel known as acid-resistant steel. Due to the difference in the chemical composition of the two, the former is not necessarily resistant to chemical corrosion, while the latter are generally have a rust.

  The chrome-containing elbow also incorporates mechanical strength and high extensibility in one, making it easy for parts to be manufactured to meet the needs of architects and structural designers. All metals react with oxygen in the atmosphere to form an oxide film on the surface. Unfortunately, the formation of iron oxide on ordinary carbon steel continues to oxidize, so that corrosion continues to expand, and ultimately the formation of holes. The surface of the carbon steel can be secured by painting with paint or oxidation resistant metals (eg zinc, nickel and chromium), but, as is known, this protection is only a film.

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