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What kinds of pipe fittings can stainless steel elbows be processed into?

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  In the hardware fittings, elbow, as an important part of the connection, plays a decisive role in the installation. Stainless Steel Elbows are often used as turning joints in stainless steel staircases and armrests. For such 304 Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Elbow, five types of joints are usually made according to their different joints:

  1. Flanged refers to the end of the pipe convex to the inside or outside, the circular edge: in the circumferential direction of the pipe to form a raised or grooved fittings;

  2. Stainless steel elbow pipe fittings with variable wall thickness refer to the change of wall thickness along the length direction of the pipe.

  3. Change straight pipe into elbow with different radius of curvature, such as elbow, elbow, etc.

  4. Variable-diameter pipe fittings with stainless steel elbows, referring to pipe end or a part of the diameter on the pipe decreases; pipe fittings with crimping and sealing bottom, increase the total strength of pipe end to the outside or inside edge of the pipe or to seal the end of the pipe fittings;

  Fifth, change the section of the pipe fittings, according to the requirements, the circular section into square, ellipse, polygon and so on.

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