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How to make steel tees

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  The common manufacturing process to make 304 Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Tee is cold extrusion and hot pushing. Cold extrusion normally for smaller thickness tee, where hot pushing is for large thickness. In case you need an big diameter tee above 24”, welding shall be adopted instead extrusion.

  The key process to manufacture steel tee is to use the hydraulic machine to squeeze the mother pipe in a tee mould (or a reducing tee mould), under the big pressure on both pipe ends, the third branch of the tee will be extruded out. The mother pipe could be a seamless or a welded pipe, the same pipe diameter will produce the same diameter tee, means to make a 8 inch steel tee will need a 8 inch pipe. But after the extrusion, the pipe thickness will be become larger, so the tee thickness is larger than the mother pipe thickness.

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