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Last few days I went to canton fair

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  Last few days I went to canton fair. There I met many things need to share with you. Register your card on the website is easy. But do not lost your Check in Card. I met a person who left his check-in card in the hotel. Go back to the hotel is too long distance. So he want to make up a new one. But what happened ? He have to pay 200 RMB and 30 RMB for photo charge. But when the first time register he only need 130 RMB. It is real record. Because I helped him to make that card. Lost ID, lost your pass port or lost your phone, there no need money to get back. there have kind people to send it to the lost and found room. What you should do is only wait. But very uneasy. I am sure. Because I had the experienced.

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