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We can supply 304/304L,316/316L and 316Ti etc

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  Martensitic stainless steel: stainless steel, which can be adjusted for its mechanical properties by heat treatment, is, in layman's terms, a class of hardenable stainless steel. Typical grades are Cr13 type, such as 20Cr13, 30Cr13, 40Cr13 and so on. After quenching higher hardness, different tempering temperature with different combinations of strength and toughness, mainly for steam turbine blades, tableware, surgical instruments. According to the chemical composition of the differences, martensitic stainless steel can be divided into martensitic chromium steel and martensitic chromium-nickel steel two categories. According to the organization and strengthening mechanism, can be divided into martensitic stainless steel, martensite and semi-austenitic (or semi-martensite) precipitation hardening stainless steel and martensitic aging stainless steel.

  We can supply 304/304L,316/316L and 316Ti etc. stainless steel pipes and pipe fittings like elbows, bends, reducers, tees, caps, and flanges. Welcome to send us a copy of inquiry we can give you a satisfied reply.

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