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Structural characteristics of Stainless Steel reducer

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  Because of the flat side of the pipe, it is easy to exhaust or drain liquid, easy to drive and repair, so the horizontal installation of liquid pipeline is generally using high pressure reducer. Different diameter pipe roundness should not be greater than the corresponding diameter 1%, and allowable deviation of 3mm; if the diameter of different diameter pipe specifications and process pipe diameter selection does not match the corresponding constriction or expansion process, if the pipeline pipe should be considered, the pressure loss caused by this whether it will affect the process.

  In order to prevent the influence of the distribution of the velocity field after the installation of the reducer, resulting in the loss of pressure, and then to reduce the accuracy of the electromagnetic flowmeter, the required center cone angle alpha is not greater than 15 degrees, the smaller the better. There are two kinds of concentric tubes and high pressure tubes.ASTM B16.9 304 Stainless Steel Eccentric Reducer are usually used on vertical tubes. High pressure reducers are used for horizontal tubes and should be marked with flat or flat bottom.

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