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The Function of Stainless Steel Flanges

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  Although the flange is a relatively small connection class of spare parts, but its role is immeasurable, the overall formation of the pipeline engineering stainless steel flange to play a powerful role. Stainless steel flanges and stainless steel gaskets are used in the resistance to the pressure of the effect of better. Stainless steel materials produced by the gasket can also have a lot of modelling, some similar to the lens, there are some irregular shape, the following for everyone to connect the ANSI B16.5 316L Casting Stainless Steel Flange in the technical aspects of some professional performance assurance.

  First, the stainless steel flange connection is convenient

  Flange parts made from stainless steel are the best choice for soldering when connecting. Here we call this welding method called planar welding, which is a method of flange welding, because it is planar so the operation is also relatively simple, as long as the two pieces of flange on the port for welding can be. In the stainless steel flange welding, it is necessary to note that the pressure at this time is less than, or is equal to 2.5 MPa, within this pressure range using carbon steel pipe connections are OK.

  Second, a variety of connection methods can be used

  The method of plane welding flange is various, there are three kinds of methods mainly, they are smooth plane, have bump and heave plane, there is the surface of the tenon groove, of course, these three kinds of welding way are sealed nature. Using the most stainless steel flange welding method, or a kind of Qingtian special smooth surface welding method, it is also the most common in pipeline engineering.

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