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Classification of stainless steel tees

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  The forming process of stainless steel tees has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, uniform wall thickness and continuous operation, which is suitable for mass production. Therefore, it has become the main forming method of carbon steel and stainless steel tees, and also applied to the forming of stainless steel tees of some specifications.

  The heating modes of ASTM A312 316L Sch40 Stainless steel Tee forming process include medium frequency or high frequency induction heating (heating ring can be multiple or single loop), flame heating and reflex furnace heating. The heating mode depends on the product requirements and energy conditions.

  Classification of stainless steel tees.

  Classification by pipe diameter

  1. Stainless steel tees with the same diameter: Stainless steel tees with the same diameter of main pipe and branch pipe

  2. Stainless steel tees with different diameter: Stainless steel tees with branch pipe diameter smaller than main pipe diameter

  Classification according to docking form

  1. Butt welded stainless steel tees: that is, the tee welded after butting with the connecting fittings.

  2. Socket-and-socket stainless steel tees: that is to insert the connecting pipe into each end of the tee and then weld or weld the tee pipe.

  3. Sleeve type stainless steel tees: that is, the ends of the tee are sleeve fittings, and the fittings are inserted and then tightened.

  4. Threaded stainless steel tees: the tee fittings connecting the fittings by threading.

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