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Natural Gas is going to re-check the pipe fittings in their pipeline - See more

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Summit Natural Gas is going to check hundreds of pipeline fittings that may have been installed improperly on the pipeline network in central Maine. The company plan to finish the inspections of the pipeline system in this year, they will have to dig up sections of roads and inspect a lot of pipe fittings which connect segments of the gas pipeline net work to check whether the pipes and fittings was installed correctly.   Summit company believe the pipeline network is safe,but they want to make sure it meets the highest safety standard . This time the problem is mainly from the installing of electrofusion couplings which are installed by their subcontractors-Tetra Tech.   As a pipe fittings supplier of Summit company, our company hebei shengtian group once supplied the hot induction bends to their project.  In a pipeline project, the pipes and pipe fittings quality is very important ,  the installing of the piping products are also very important, it will determine the pipeline working quality .   We have adopted advanced production equipment and technologies to manufacture our GB/T 9119 PN2.5 plate flange and ANSI 1500LB Threaded flanges,which can not only improve product quality, but also save raw materials. 

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